Holiday Dog Travel Tip!

This year I have had to travel a lot. I’m always looking for ways to make my life and my dog sitter’s life easier!

I recently found these great snack bags! Yet another reason to love Target – as if I needed another reason.

Food Bags

First, they are marked for 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 & 1 cup marks. So as you fill them with kibble you easily know how much kibble to fill them per dog. Then I love that there is a spot to easily write your dog’s name. As you can see I laid out all of the bags I needed to fill for both Dara and Bueller AM & PM. All of my dogs have different supplements and medicine for either the morning or evening. I do not want any confusion on what needs to be fed when and to who. 

If you do have a dog who is on supplements or medication I would suggest filling these bags with medications and food at least one week ahead of time. This way you find out in plenty time if you need to refill or reorder any thing. This past summer I went out of town for 10 days. Thankfully, I started filling my bags ahead, because I would have run out of Dara’s Canine Cognitive Dysfunction medication half-way through the trip. It usually takes a day or 2 to have the pharmacy re-fill the prescription. Crisis was adverted by preparing the food and medication early. Who needs the extra stress the day before your trip to find out that you don’t have enough medicine to make it through!

Good luck our your holiday travel! Hope this little tip will make life a little easier on you.

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