Sometimes Management is the Best Choice!

I’m a mom, I’m a wife, I own three dogs, and I own my own business. Sometimes management is the best choice for everyone’s sanity, instead of training. What do I mean by management vs. training?

This past weekend my son who is 9 years old had a friend over. Bueller, my 2 year old Burnham Terrier LOVES kids, to a fault. He wants to be with them, on top of them, licking them and sometimes that is not appropriate. We had already been out of the house for a bit in the morning so I did not feel it was good choice to crate him. Also, I had a bunch of computer work to do so sitting on the ground doing mat, relaxation work with him was not going to work for me. Let Bueller bark and get worked up for not being with the kids was not good for Bueller. So what to do?

The kids were in basement, so up to the bedroom Bueller and I went to work. It was delightful! I brought my computer and settled into my bed and Bueller snuggled right in next to me. We were both happy as could be, as was my husband for no barking dog, as was my son for not being pestered by the dog.

Did this solve the problem of him being overly excited with kids – NO. That is fine for that day, we can train another day when all of us are ready for training. If you are getting frustrated with your dog in training can you find a way to manage the situation instead of train? It might make everyone happier! Then when you’re ready it will be time to go back to training.

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